First Cycle

Today is my second fast day. My first 1:1 went pretty well. I was hungry at several points during my fast, but then I get hungry at dinner time on normal days as well. It was just a matter of waiting it out, rather than eating.

Which is the same problem you face on any diet, but I have to say, knowing that I only had to last a day, and then I’d be able to eat whatever I wanted the next, made it seem pretty easy. I ate my lunch around 12:30. I had a 6″ Subway sub with whole wheat bread, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, spinach, banana peppers, and lite mayo with a banana, which is the kind of thing I might have eaten anyway, except with more veggies and Swiss instead of American cheese. I made the switch to lower the sodium. Low sodium isn’t something I’m really thinking about, but I was annoyed that I was only going to eat 1 thing all day and I was still going to have over 1,000 mg of sodium anyway! The Swiss cheese kept me slightly under.

My feed day started slightly ridiculous. I wanted to grab a hot breakfast before work because I was pretty hungry when I woke up, but I ended up running late, so I ate 2 leftover manicotti that were in the fridge. For lunch I had a #1 from McDonald’s (Big Mac, medium fries, and a Diet Coke). For dinner I had a grilled chicken spring wrap with sweet potato fries, and in the evening I had a slice of lemon loaf and a black iced coffee from Starbucks. I think that probably puts me somewhere are 2700 calories for the day. I’m trying not to obsess about that because it’s not the point of ADF, but I couldn’t ignore it completely. Over the two day cycle I averaged about 1,600 calories a day, which should be enough of a reduction to see more than a pound of a weight loss per week.

One of the things that discouraged me in the few readings I had done on ADF was the claim many people made that they started eating healthier foods once they started, which, to me, calls into question the¬†effectiveness¬†of ADF as a method. That is to say, if you went from eating donuts to salads and lost weight, does that have anything at all to do with fasting, and/or should we be surprise? I’m doing this because the idea of swapping donuts for salads breaks my heart. Even so, in my first three days, I’ve found myself doing something kind of similar. On my fast day I added veggies I normally wouldn’t to my sandwich and added a piece of fruit because I felt I wanted to get enough nutrients throughout the day, and it didn’t seem forced or unpleasant. Similarly, though my lunch was pretty horrendous (and delicious), at dinner I chose something with greens in it and grilled chicken, over my usual fried buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch dressing hold the lettuce hold the tomato and sweet potato fries instead of regular because I wanted to… make my food count. I don’t know. It was just a small feeling, but it was good.

Which brings me to my largest point after one cycle. Yesterday was my feed day and it was the first time I felt happy eating since I was probably in junior high. Being who I am and having the relationship I do with food, I’m dieting and being miserable because I want food, or eating and feeling ashamed and disgusting because I’m so fat. Eating yesterday was satisfying not only because it was delicious, but I felt like I deserved it too.